15 Pot Watering Kit

Product Code: 2802

Water your pots, hanging baskets, borders, veg patches and greenhouse plants

Key Benefits Include:

  • Waters up to 15 pots
  • Contains a mechanical timer
  • Water your garden from 5 minutes up to 2 hours
  • Saves time, water and effort


  • 2802
  • 2802

Automatic Watering Kit will automatically water your patio, garden pots and hanging baskets, freeing you up to enjoy your garden.

Automatic drip watering is a form of automatic watering, and is the most sustainable and efficient form of watering for gardens, with tests showing that it is over 90% more efficient than using a spray gun or sprinkler.

Drip watering facilitates the slow release of water (a hose pipe uses 91 litres per 10 minutes) and places water at the root, exactly where it’s needed.

This watering kit can be set-up in minutes and for larger areas, components can be added to create a bespoke watering system.

This kit will automatically water up to 15 pots or containers.



Automatic Watering Kit can be set-up in minutes


The 15 Pot Automatic Watering Kit contains:

  • a mechanical timer (1)
  • a pressure reducing connector (2)
  • 15m of 4mm Micro tube (3)
  • 14 X tee connectors (4)
  • 15 X 4LPH drippers with stakes (5)
  • 5 X wall clips
  • 5 tube adaptors
  • 2 X 4mm tube adaptors
  • 1 x 3/4 – 1/2” tap adaptor

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