Watering Pots and Hanging Baskets

Watering Pots and Hanging Baskets

Watering your pots and hanging baskets isn’t exactly one of the hardest tasks to master around the garden, but ensuring you water correctly can give you strong, healthy flowering plants.

The majority of plants like to live in moist soil that is constantly damp, but not wet. But some plants prefer much drier living conditions. Some can survive when they get a little bit dry, whilst others actually prefer to be much drier. Try and take the time to learn each plants needs to ensure you aren’t over or under watering.

Keeping an eye on the moisture level is key. Sometimes you can be deceived by a layer of dry soil on the surface only to dig a little deeper and find that the soil is actually still rather moist.

When watering, make sure you do so only on the soil and not on the leaves as this will ensure that your plant will receive all the water it needs through its roots.

Long Reach Watering

When watering hanging baskets that are out of reach a Lance can be used to make the job easy, without the need to stretch. They can also be used to water pots without the need to bend down and can target plants where they need the water.

Easy Drip System

For the ultimate in fuss free watering, our new Easy Drip System can be set up to water your pots and baskets quickly and easily.  If you pair an Easy Drip System with one of our Intelligent Controllers you can automatically water your garden daily at the best time for your plants.

Prolonged Watering

Remember to give plants a good, long watering. A good gauge for whether they have received enough is when water begins to appear from the bottom of the pot or hanging basket. Only watering the top of the soil will promote roots to only grow a small amount. This deep watering ensures all of the soil has a supply of water and encourages the roots to grow further down. This in turn will make your plant stronger and healthier.

If you would rather not stand and idly wait whilst your plants receive a good soaking, you may want to consider using one of the Hozelock range with flow control and locking mechanisms.

Our Flexi-Spray and Ultra Twist both come with these features and can be positioned in a wide variety of positions to reach your plants.

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