Auto Reel

Watering couldn’t be easier

There’s more to life than rewinding a hose, that’s why Hozelock invented the world’s first automatically rewinding garden hose reel, undergoing the toughest quality and assurance assessments.


The reel's mechanism automatically locks so that you don't have to hold the hose taught. To unwind more hose simply pull out more, and the mechanism will unlock. When it’s time to rewind the hose - a simple tug - unlatches the drum, and Auto Reel’s patented automatic rewind system takes over.


A powerful spring winds the hose back onto the drum. The layering mechanism neatly coils the hose back into the protective case without any kinks, tangles, knots or effort from you.  

In addition, the Hozelock Auto Reel has a child lock and a padlock to keep it safe and prevent misuse.

The 20m or 40m Auto Reel allows you to smoothly and easily rewind the hose with no kinks, tangles or effort.
The Hozelock Auto Reels come with 20m or 40m of premium anti-kink hose and all necessary fittings.

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[Aquatics - Small]
[Spraying - Small]
[Watering - Small]