Hozelock Wonderweeder

Selective and protective weeding
... patented technology 

Hozelock’s NEW Wonderweeder, designed by gardeners, for gardeners, is the perfect solution to help remove those unwanted and annoying invasive weeds in your pathways, patios or driveways.
The upright and lightweight design of the Wonderweeder allows weeds to be treated easily and without the need to bend down. The Wonderweeder is simply operated with a push and go functionality.
The adjustable nozzle located within the protective cone allows precise spraying at all times. This avoids the accidental spraying of surrounding plants.
It can be used over and over again and filled with your choice of weed killer with the central reservoir tube having a 300ml capacity.
Available at Mitre 10

[Watering - Small]
[Spraying - Small]
[Aquatics - Small]